I came to ITJ in late 2016 with nowhere to go. I found a home at ITJ- have found a new life in ITJ. I can't put into words all that Into the Jordan has done in my life. My life is 100x better having these ladies in my life. They are my family now.

Lisa P.

Into the Jordan has inspired me to see me for the beautiful person that I have become through the grace of God. ITJ is a place where we can all get together and forget the day’s problems or talk about them without any judgement from anyone. I love it here. I have found my place to devote my time and energy to the girls and to God.


I have been with ITJ for a little over two years. It has been a family when I didn't have one. A place to talk honestly about how I feel.

Monica R.

ITJ from day one has opened their arms to me and treated me like family. They are always here to support not judge, love not pick. They are willing to hold your hand and walk with you without control or direction. I’ve never felt more unconditional love like I do at ITJ. For that, I am a better person. God wins at ITJ


ITJ has literally saved my downward spiraling life. I have learned bible-based ways to better my life in many ways. For example, to create healthy boundaries for myself. Specifically, how to say “NO” to toxic people!


It is a place to meet a family full of survivors, to empower and learn a new way of life.

Amy D

ITJ has been a safe place to discuss trauma without being judged or pitied. It’s a sisterhood of women that are seeking growth and we support and encourage each other. It’s a place for prayer and Bible studies. ITJ has been my support system for over 7 years and have become like family. They’ve visited me in the hospital after a serious car accident and brushed my hair for me when I couldn’t do it myself. They've shown me love when there was no one else around. They’re awesome!


What does ITJ mean to me? Honestly, I am not even sure where to begin...when I joined ITJ I was at the lowest time just about in my whole life. These women have welcomed me with open arms since day one and helped me to see MY worth. I don't know where I’d be without them. I love these people!

Nicole C.

ITJ was and is a blessing to the transformation of my life for the past 8 years. The founder, Christa Hicks was a childhood friend of mine. We used to walk together then not knowing how God’s plan would bring us back together into His glory. ITJ has given me back my life that I gave up for all the wrong choices and years a slave to countless abusers, traffickers and pure evil. I have been loved, cared for, shown compassion, renewed and blessed beyond my imagination. I now know I can accomplish anything and make my dreams come true.